What can Hypnotherapy help with?


The key to our health and well-being is within us, hypnotherapy is designed to focus the mind to unleash the full potential of the mind, enabling clients to pinpoint and let go of limiting beliefs, negative patterns and self-dialogue.

All whilst being in a relaxed state with a calm mind and fully in control of the session.

All sessions start with a hypnotic induction, we often live in a trance state day to day this is simply harnessing this and utilising it to encourage the mind to be more receptive to positive suggestions. 

We tailor-make a bespoke service for you, work towards goals set by you, being fully in control of the session, even when fully hypnotised, you can bring yourself out the hypnotic state anytime you want. When traditional methods are not working, or you want to try a holistic method or alternative then please use your free consultation.

NLP ~ Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP can help you to achieve personal goals more quickly and effectively. It channels your energy into finding and achieving solutions, re-programming your thought patterns.

It aligns with your values and beliefs.

It helps to build a positive mental attitude, increasing confidence, taking control of emotions, and changing unwanted habits.

NLP techniques are often used to combat the fear of flying, needles, claustrophobia, public speaking, and performance, the list is endless, the cause can be treated rapidly, creating long-lasting and significant change.

Weight management and addictions are also dealt with using a variety of techniques, with bespoke plans for each individual according to their needs, the clients have had life-changing experiences and gone on to embrace a whole new lifestyle and wellness.

NLP alters your mental imagery, things that were problematic become less disturbing, our images are how we navigate the world around us, imagine changing this mindset, the freedom you could acquire and sustain.

Book in for your free 15-minute consultation and we can plan how to support your personal and professional growth.


We work at clinics all across Essex, in Ongar, Chigwell, Romford, Buckhurst Hill and at the Upminster Sanctuary. All of which have discreet, soundproof rooms.