About Jamie-Jean

Begin your new journey of discovering you…. Step outside your comfort zone, retrain your mind and transform your life.

I would like to introduce myself and talk through my involvement with counselling and hypnotherapy.

I come from a spiritual background, personally, I use meditation and emotional freedom techniques daily in my life and I offer client’s the opportunity to learn how to use these tools to deal with trauma, stress and confidence. I am so passionate about what I do and what I can offer client’s to optimise recovery. I partake in personal development courses and update my skill set weekly.

I began this journey training as an Integrative Counsellor, which means I can use psychodynamics, inner child techniques, work with gestalt counselling, meaning working with the individuals experience in the present. My passion how-ever is creative therapy, sometimes talking can be very challenging for a client, working with art, sand, clay, nesting dolls, stones, allows me to explore and walk in your world in a way that is gentle and I find brings expressions and emotions that cannot always be conveyed through traditional therapy, it can act as a bridge to the unconscious.

This leads me onto my love for hypnotherapy. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I can improve mental health quickly, bringing calmness and clarity. I can work on phobia’s, stress, depression, anxiety, pain, weight management, the list is endless.. I enjoy navigating clients to find solutions to issues and achieve change.

I look at the overall picture with all client’s making sure that they can begin to thrive in all areas of their life, whether that’s personal or business.

I am an empath… I feel passionate about supporting others that do not have a voice or supporting those that do and encourage them to do so in the most beneficial way, this included supporting many charities, working closely with them in all ways possible.

As a qualified counsellor and having been at Women's aid counselling for a number of years I have worked with trauma, dissociation and narcissism, had extensive child protection and safeguarding training, provided therapeutic support to clients from diverse backgrounds and age groups, with in-depth support to those surviving domestic abuse.

More recently I became involved with Peace Hospice in Watford, working as a psychotherapist for them as well as continuing private practice, this has been a fantastic ongoing opportunity to be part of an IAPT service, providing talking therapy.

I am immensely pleased with how my qualifications interlink and it means I can work with a diverse group and can dip in and out of my tool bag to find interventions and really make it a bespoke service for each person tailor-made to them and their individual needs and their continuing journey.

Please do not hesitate to call for an informal chat, leave a message, Whatsapp, email, whatever suits you, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, have a look at my testimonials page to get a feel of what previous clients have experienced.

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Specialising in Counselling:

Trauma, Stress, Inner child work, Sleep management, relationship issues, phobia’s, fears, weight management, Addictions, confidence and esteem, exam worries and mental health

group counselling therapy

Counselling Groups

The facilitator will bring in exercises to help the individuals and work on techniques to reduce symptoms. A great way to meet people and share experiences while gaining an insight into your own well-being, self-development, whilst forming a support network.

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Anxiety management


Group hypnotherapy for deep relaxation.

Group meditation

Please contact for dates and availability.


Whether a stay at home Mum or a business executive we all suffer from burnout and issues at some point or another. …. I will help find YOU again, bringing the best version to the table, creating a powerful mindset, making your life/ business work for you, transforming your life to create incredible results, making the impossible-possible.

Work at your personal best, evaluate where you are, identify what you want to achieve and work together to create strategies to achieve your full potential. Find strengths you didn't know you had. Live a more powerful and authentic life than ever before aligning your professional and personal agendas to allow all areas to sync and fully function meaning happiness and long-term success.

Book in for your free 15 minute no obligation phone call, we can have an informal chat about what your issues are, work out a plan that suits you, gives you a chance to ask any questions and feel as comfortable as possible with the process.

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We work at clinics all across Essex, in Ongar, Chigwell, Romford, Buckhurst Hill and at the Upminster Sanctuary. All of which have discreet, soundproof rooms.